Index Of Housefull 4 (2019) Detailed Review

Housefull 4 is a Bollywood Comedy film that was theatrically released on 25 October 2019. The movie is directed by Farhad Samji and co-produced by Sajid Nadiadwala. The cast members include Akshay Kumar, Riteish Deshmukh, Bobby Deol, Pooja Hegde, Kriti Sanon, and Kriti Kharbanda. In this post, you will get the index of Housefull 4 along with its plot and detailed review.

Index Of Housefull 4


Title: Housefull 4
Release Date: 25 October 2019
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Director: Farhad Samji
Produced by: Sajid Nadiadwala
Written by: Sara Bodinar
Music by: Sohail Sen, Farhad Samji, Sandeep Shirodkar, and Julius Packiam
Starring: Akshay Kumar, Riteish Deshmukh, Bobby Deol, Kriti Sanon, Pooja Hegde, and Kriti Kharbanda
Running Time: 145 minutes

Housefull 4 Trailer

Index Of Housefull 4 & Story

The story is about Harry, played by Akshay Kumar who is a barber and often gets bizarre flashes of a past era. He’s the owner of a barbershop in London and runs it along with his brothers Roy, played by Riteish Deshmukh and Max, played by Bobby Deol.

These three brothers had lost a 5 million pounds bag that belonged to a gangster called Michael Bhai. His partner Big Bhai constantly demands him for the money. In order to fulfill this demand, the three brothers start dating daughters of London’s rich business tycoon, named Thakral. Harry starts dating Pooja, Roy is dating Neha and Max is dating Kriti.

Some strange circumstances lead to a destination wedding in Sitamgarh, India. When they arrive in Sitamgarh, Aakhri Pasta, who is a bellboy at their hotel, remembers them as incarnations of people that lived 600 years ago, in 1419.

Harry starts realizing that the visions he often sees have something to do with what Pasta was talking about earlier and therefore decides to drive to the nearby town of Madhavgarh, where he starts to see his visions more clearly.

In 1419, Rajkumar Bala Dev Singh of Madhavgarh was exiled by his father, Maharaj Parikshitap, because Bala tried to kill him to become King. Through his servant, Pehla Pasta he gets to know that, Maharaj Surya Singh Rana of Sitamgarh, is searching for grooms for his three daughters. Bala decides to marry Madhu, the Eldest Princess to become the King of Sitamgarh.

After some planning and plotting, the Maharaj Surya Singh Rana finally announces the wedding of Madhu with Bala, Mala with Bangdu, and Meena with Dharamputra. But, on the day of the wedding, the altar collapses and the three couples along with Gama, who has come to avenge his brother gets killed.

Now coming back in the present, Harry realizes that the grooms are getting married to the wrong brides. The servant helps Harry remind his brother, Roy and Max lives as Bangdu Maharaj and Dharamputra, respectively. Afterward, they meet Pappu Rangeela, a qawwali singer and the brother of the girls who is the reincarnation of Gama but has no memory of his past life.

Pasta comes across a painting of their past lives wedding day that shows Bala with Madhu, Bangdu with Mala, and Dharamputra with Meena. This painting gets in the hands of Pappu and now he is able to recollect his life as Gama.

Pappu starts the fight at the wedding which makes Pooja and Neha remember everything. Michael Bhai, the reincarnation of Suryabhan, appears at the wedding and shoots Gama for his money. Kriti also remembers everything when she sees Michael Bhai and tells everybody that the wedding mandap had collapsed because of Suryabhan who wanted to kill everyone to become the King. At last, all the couples get reunited and the movies end in a happy note.

Housefull 4 All Songs

  • Shaitan Ka Saala
  • Ek Chumma
  • Chammo
  • The Bhoot Song
  • Badla

Promotion Video

So in this post, you will find Index of Housefull 4 and a detailed review about the movie including its storyline, trailer, songs and promotion video.

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